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Sigma Software


Sigma Software is an IT eco-system where businesses can source solutions to all their tech-related business needs. Our expertise counts 20 years of establishing and operating dedicated development centers, delivering custom software development and related services as well as IT consulting. We can help you with:

Business Automation & Digital Transformation

Our experts deliver custom IT solutions that help our clients embrace digital transformation, automate business processes and make their business more efficient. We develop those both from scratch and on top of over 25 innovative partner products & platforms.

Software Products Development & Support

We work a lot with Start-ups and ISVs helping them transform novel ideas into successful products as well as expand and grow existing products, support, maintain and optimize those.

Software Systems Migration, Re-design and Re-engineering

We also support our clients with a wide array of services related to modernizing and optimizing legacy software systems to improve scalability, operational efficiency, maintenance cost and fault-tolerance.


Sigma Software runs its own innovation labs where our technology gurus both experiment with AI/ML, XR, IoT, Blockchain and other modern technologies and deliver diverse PoCs to validate our clients’ novel ideas.


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