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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

About Us

We are a leading business association in Ukraine and have built a strong, trusted brand in Ukraine’s policymaking.

We advocate for the betterment of the business climate, working closely with Ukrainian and U.S. Governments.

We deliver the shared voice of U.S., international and Ukrainian companies, who invested over $50 bln in Ukraine and are committed to this country.

We are selective in admitting members, striving to promote the highest ethical and governance standards in our community.

We are an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and an integral part of the global AmChams in Europe network.

We are the largest AmCham Office in Europe with the best people to serve and care about our members since 1992.

We help companies to grow, promote their services and brands.

We endorse Ukraine worldwide as an investment destination.

Welcome to AmCham Ukraine

“Russia's brutal war in Ukraine has changed our lives forever. It's been a time of hardship, suffering, and losses, but also true bravery, remarkable resilience, and great unity of Ukrainians who inspire the whole world. The mood on the ground is upbeat as companies continue to operate and join Ukraine's rebuilding momentum. 162 new members have joined AmCham since February 24, 2022. It's a powerful sign of trust and commitment to Ukraine”,

Andy Hunder, AmCham Ukraine President

December, 2023, Kyiv

Our Strategic Pillars


Business to Government

To drive actionable dialogue between Business and Government

Business to Business

To create continuous opportunities for Business-to-Business partnerships

Business to Ukraine

To promote Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination

Our Values


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and set an example in the business community


We mean what we say and say what we mean, acting in an open and transparent manner


We are results-oriented and strive for excellence in everything we do


We deliver the best value to our members for the benefit of their business and Ukraine


We are a strong platform uniting businesses with shared values

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