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Ви успішно зареєструвалися



There is always a space for a better solution - that was the moto of the company when it was created in 2008. Now in 2020 we are still confident about the same that every customer should be handled with care and get the best services on the market. We provide our clients with professional logistics solutions and give them our fully dedicated support in their import/export activity. The list of our services are:

  • Customs clearance (all regimes)
  •  Importer/ Exporter of records
  • Project & event logistics
  • Delivery & forwarding services (air/sea/road)
  • Cargo’s insurance
  • Handling & storage services

1. FREE OF CHARGE oral consultation (1 hour) on any of the services mentioned above.

2.  10% discount on the services of customs clearance (all regimes). Second month – additional 50 USD discount on the price.

Ms. Anastasia Dokuka


+380 50 463 90 20


Official Service Providers