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Silpo Donates 100 Million Hryvnias to Combat Coronavirus

Silpo Donates 100 Million Hryvnias to Combat Coronavirus


Ukrainian supermarket chain Silpo has donated 100 million hryvnias aimed at purchasing hospital equipment and personal protective equipment for doctors and other medical professionals.

"As a responsible business, we can’t sit this one out," said Oleksandr Priadukhin, Silpo’s Retail Sales Director. “We understand the urgent needs that exist in Ukraine right now. So, over 13 million hryvnias have already been spent to pay for 12 high-quality HAMILTON ventilators made in Switzerland. After shipment to Ukraine, they will be allocated to hospitals in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Kirovohrad, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions”.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Silpo is working on the most effective scenarios for the distribution of aid. First and foremost, it will focus on the purchase of hospital equipment and personal protective equipment.

Silpo is one of the largest Ukrainian chains of food supermarkets in Ukraine founded in 1998. As of February 2020, there were 260 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen. It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest retail and industrial groups in Ukraine.

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