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Citi provided personal means of protection to more than 20 Ukrainian hospitals

Citi provided personal means of protection to more than 20 Ukrainian hospitals


Kyiv, July 7, 2020 – Patients of Ukraine charitable foundation has received $20,000 from Citi Ukraine to purchase different kinds of personal means of protection and distribute them to more than 20 hospitals in Kyiv and its region as well as in Chernovtsy region. Among the protective means are surgical masks, respirators, gloves, gowns, bio protective suites and glasses, etc. The process of distribution to hospitals started on June 23.

Alexander McWhorter, Head of Citi Ukraine, said: “During the pandemic Citi is committed to continue providing help to those in need. Thanks to partnership with the Patients of Ukraine foundation, we have contributed to support Ukrainian hospitals and help the medical staff keep themselves safe. ”

“We are extremely pleased that Ukraine has such socially responsible businesses as Citi. Thanks to the help of Citi Ukraine, hospitals will receive 250 protective shields, 1,710 protective suits, 46,200 masks, 17,600 gloves, 3,740 respirators, 1,080 gowns. This is a great and important help for doctors, because the means of protection is a barrier that protects doctors from infection. This is especially important now, when the highest level of hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 is recorded”, — said Inna Ivanenko, Executive director of “Patients of Ukraine”

Citi also supported UNICEF with a $40,000 grant for purchasing and providing laboratory equipment to infection hospitals in Ukraine. The equipment will help doctors to diagnose life-threatening conditions of patients with COVID-19.

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