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BASF supports Ukrainian hospitals during COVID-19

BASF supports Ukrainian hospitals during COVID-19

  • Municipal City Children's Hospital in Ternopil will receive medical equipment
  • Monitors will be delivered by the end of May

13 – May 2020 – Kyiv, Ukraine. BASF Agricultural Solutions in Ukraine has allocated UAH600.000,00 to the needs of the Municipal City Children's Hospital in Ternopil, which has recognized by the Government as a hospital base for the care of patients with COVID-19. Funds were used for the purchase of patient monitors with the function of capnography, which is necessary for measuring and graphically displaying the carbon dioxide content in the air exhaled by the patient. These also control patients’ vital signs: from the dose of medicine calculation to monitoring of the internal organs functioning.

According to the YouControl system, Ternopil region is understaffed with medical equipment. Therefore, the help there will be especially appropriate as the region is one of the top five regions where the number of patients with coronavirus in Ukraine is the highest.

“The challenging times, the country and the world are going through, is not a reason to put hands down. Evidence of this is how business and charitable organizations teamed up to support patients. Every international company should be socially responsible and maintain a society where they work, - commented Andriy Kasyan, the head of BASF Agricultural Solutions in Ukraine, Moldova and Caucasian countries. – It is quite important today to technically equip hospitals, as equipment for treating patients is grossly insufficient. Furthermore, these monitors will save more than just one life in future, as intensive care units need it permanently. Therefore, today’s hospitals equipment assurance, especially regional ones, - is the challenge that should be accepted”.

According to Andriy Kasyan, agricultural business is at the front line of today’s nutritional security as conducts this season in extreme conditions – both weather and organizational. That is why we as much as possible direct our attention from other social activities to the pressing issues of saving lives.

Previously Ukrainian department of BASF Agricultural Solutions informed about its plans to continue the reconstruction of the park-and-palace complex “Sharivka” in Kharkiv region. The company needs to allocate the money, as today in the focus are people’s lives, their present, and the future.

“Projected growth and spread of COVID-19 indicate the increase of number of patients. BASF’s Agricultural Solutions contribution is especially valuable because the company invests in equipment that has a long-term perspective of usage. Monitors control the patient's condition and predict their possible potential deterioration. This helps doctors to make timely decisions about transferring the patient to intensive care. In this way, monitors make it possible to avoid situations and critical conditions of patients, when it is impossible to avoid artificial lung ventilation treatment. With these monitors we are getting ahead of the curve”, - explains Andriy Artymovych, the Ternopil’s Municipal City Children's Hospital Chief doctor.

He notes, monitors will be used 24/7, as in this way it would be easier to track full clinical profile. Monitor indicators can be printed or viewed in electronic form during all the treatment period. That will help to catch the first pathology indications and save hundreds of Ternopil’s small patients’ lives.

The charity project is organized in partnership with the charity organization “Tvoya Opora”. This foundation gathered and processed hospital queries, that were recognized as hospital bases for the care of patients with COVID-19. “Tvoya Opora” has the solid reputation as responsible partner for the business. That is annually confirmed by independent audit.

Monitors will be delivered to the hospital by the end of May.

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