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10 Priorities for Ukraine’s Post-War Economic Recovery

10 Priorities for Ukraine’s Post-War Economic Recovery

  1. Ensure Ukraine’s national security and defense, in cooperation with international allies.
  2. Accelerate Ukraine’s membership in the European Union by approximating national legislation in competition, customs, healthcare, IPR, media, and other spheres.
  3. Implement rule of law, real and effective judicial reform, fair justice, ensure a transparent selection of judges at all levels. Adhere to the independence of the National Bank, the Antimonopoly Committee, and the anti-corruption agencies. Reform state-owned enterprises and state-owned banks.
  4. Liberalize labor legislation and implement social security policies, including voluntary health insurance, that encourage people to live, work, and invest in Ukraine.
  5. Adapt and drive balanced monetary, fiscal, budgetary, and debt policies to set the basis for the rapid economic growth. Ensure sufficient political risks insurance coverage for investors through cooperation with leading global financial institutions as well as a private insurance market. Develop the capital market infrastructure.
  6. Re-build and modernize Ukraine’s vital infrastructure (ports, health and education facilities, waste management, water & sewage supply utilities) based on international best practices in attracting financing, modern urban architecture and design solutions, and transparent privatization and concession procedures.
  7. Foster country-wide digitalization and IT ecosystem growth. Secure investment, property rights, level playing field, and proper IPR enforcement.
  8. Introduce a predictable and attractive tax regime for job creators and bona fide investors. Guarantee transparent, timely, and full VAT refund for exporters.
  9. Boost international trade and ensure supply chain security via free access to seaports, building customs and border guard infrastructure capacity, as well as ensure long-term market access opportunities with international trade partners.
  10. Strengthen Ukraine’s energy independence and security through developing renewable energy and increasing domestic gas & oil production, as well as integration with European energy market.

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