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O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd.

Lance M. Savaria


Offshore Monitoring Ltd (OSM) is a Cyprus based consultancy, technology and R&D company since 2011. It has direct and collaboration efforts across the EU and Eastern Mediterranean with a well-established American, Norwegian, Polish executive management team. OSM is established and well positioned to work within Ukraine and with a stable business environment in Cyprus to EU and USA standards, including culturally and geographically. We offer services as a Country Representative; provide Business Consulting; Project Administrative services: including employment; construction project oversight, logistics support services, financial management and tax; purchasing and logistical support services; legal, negotiation, and contract implementation support services; Specialized expertise in Maritime Energy FSRU /LNG Port and Ship Consultancy; Port security technology and R&D.


Address 26, Nikkou Pattichi, Limassol 3071, Cyprus

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