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MedCapitalGroup PE

Olena Chernenko


PE «MedCapitalGroup» - leading Medical Consulting Agency – provides a full range of up-to-date services for health care facilities.
Our key competencies :
• Organizational design and strategy
• Strategic business development planning & service-based business process modelling

• Advanced analytics
• Financial accounting and audit
• Customer relations, communications, and branding
• Recruitment, hiring, and retention
• Learning, development, and training
• System quality management (SQM)
• Leadership development and succession
We advise the founders, owners, top-management of medical entities in terms of sale & purchase and evaluation of the medical business, the selection of premises, and dealing with business partnership issues. We provide comprehensive support aimed at starting a private medical facility from scratch under the customer’s brand – from strategic planning, through calculation of financial and investment models and design, the recruitment of management team and till the project launch.
Our team involves only highly qualified experts with many years’ management experience in many private medical facilities in Ukraine. Our experts are leading professionals in their fields.
The mission of MedCapitalGroup is to promote the development of the modern medical industry in Ukraine and enhance the investment appeal of the country's medical market.
The vision of MedCapitalGroup is to create conditions for the owners of medical entities to make sound and cost-effective decisions, increase the managerial competencies of the owners and the managers in the medical business.
Here are some of the services offered by MedCapitalGroup:
• Evaluation of the medical business to sell or engage a partner
• Development of the concept and business model for a private medical entity
• Pre-sales audit / Financial due diligence
• Development of medical technology, architectural and design works
• Comprehensive pre-opening preparation of the clinic
• Medical market survey
• Recruitment of managerial, medical and non-medical staff for medical entities
• ‘Trouble shooting’ issues that may lead to decreased entity profitability
• Intensification of the medical entity sales efficiency
• Consulting in case of top manager change; optimization of process control by the owner
• Selection of medical equipment for the clinic
• Identification and implementation of a medical information system
• Preparation of the medical entity for the ISO certification, and
• Outsourcing support (accounting, HR recordkeeping, and IT)


Address 13-24, Stritenska St., Kyiv 01025, Ukraine

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