Cub Energy Inc.

Eugene Chaban


With its expanded financial, intellectual and gas-producing assets, Cub Energy is ready to drive both its own growth and that of its customers and investors. Our Ukrainian fields utilize the most advanced production technology for maximum yield with minimal environmental impact. Using 2D and 3D seismic technology, we anticipate identifying new opportunities and applying leading western technologies (dual-completions, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling) to deliver new production and reserves on our existing fields as well as fields we intend to add to our portfolio.

In Eastern Europe we are reviewing numerous opportunities in nearby countries including Hungary, Rumania and Slovakia with a focus on Carpathian and Panonian Basins. By combining our experience in Ukraine with our specialized knowledge, we believe we can take advantage of emerging opportunities throughout Eastern Europe. This energetic expansion policy ensures a steady stream of reliable, affordable natural gas for customers and both short-term and long-term growth prospects for our investors.


Address 01032, Kyiv, 33V Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd.

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