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Clean Hands Ukraine

We offer the only one in the world: hygiene technology CleanTech® - fully automated handwashing stations from Meritech (USA). Сlinically proven to consistently remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in just 12 seconds. We help food manufacturers, clean room practitioners, healthcare and medical staff, food service providers, retailers, public spaces and entertainment facilities, cruise lines, and academic institutions achieve hygiene excellence with our innovative hygiene technology, solutions, and programs so that we together can save lives by preventing the spread of infection and harmful diseases. Meritech innovative technology and hygiene program solutions have been developed and refined over decades by an experienced team of sanitation, food safety, and healthcare experts. Their unique insights and experience have allowed us to craft solutions that are clinically proven to increase handwashing efficacy and compliance, are easily integrated into any facility, exceed regulatory and safety requirements, and make hygiene compliance monitoring and documentation effortless. Our goal is to make effective hygiene accessible to all.

Let us know if we can help you improve your hygiene processes by sending us an email at info@chu.com.ua or calling +38 067 520 38 18.


Address P.O. Box 53, 02140, Kyiv, Ukraine

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