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Blackshield Capital Management LLC

Pavlo Esaulenko


Our services includes Wealth Management, Corporate Finance, Multi Family Office, Private Equity, M&A and Fundraising Advices to companies and individuals. We are a global financial advisory independent group. We have been at the center of the world’s financial markets. Today we have full-scale advisory businesses across the world extending financial advices in Switzerland, London, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Dubai, New York and San Francisco. Our Group`s main areas of focus: Wealth Management, Corporate Finance, Multi Family Office, Private Equity and Fundraising Advices. Our aim is to be the company with the first-class reputation and high quality of financial services that provides the optimal correlation of risk and profit. We have a long lasting approach to our client’s business – giving agreed, innovative and consistent recommendations to our clients. We are always glad to provide to provide our clients with the first-class service.


Address 4, Volodymyrska St., office 15, Kyiv 01025, Ukraine

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