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Snaver Seitkhalilev


Astem is a technology-focused investment company with businesses spanning across infrastructure, telecommunications, agriculture and real estate sectors. We are headquartered in Kyiv and operate across markets in Eastern Europe, North America, Central Asia and Middle East.
We started as a family company in 1990s with core focus on construction, and subsequently have scaled our businesses to enter more locations, industries and offerings.
As a group, we have extensive experience of full turnkey wireless networks deployment and operation, serving markets with more than 70M population. We have been managing 15,000+ network sites, 2,000+km in-city fiber networks, 70,000MWt self-generated power, 15,000+ sq.m. commercial properties and engineering facilities. Astem’s mission is to better the lives of people and a larger society through development of entrepreneurship and innovation.
Social responsibility of Astem and its team is achieved through Astem Foundation, which is a mission-driven fund, focused on development of social innovation and support for creative teams that will contribute to betterment of life through quality education and proactive civic engagement.


Address 2, Mykhailivska St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine

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