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Ви успішно зареєструвалися

LA Pavlenko Legal Group


We are pleased to present you Pavlenko Legal Group – dynasty law firm operating on the market of Ukraine over 20 years. The firm has strong focus on courts and Government Relations, propelling business interests of the clients and building civilized dialogue with the state. The key people are Oleksandra Pavlenko, the founder, attorney at law, Former First deputy-minister of Healthcare of Ukraine, and Hrygoriy Pavlenko, attorney at law and head of litigation practice.

Now, in the days of war, international collaboration and support of Ukrainian business are of vital importance. We want to reveal Ukraine for you as the opportunity to conduct beneficial business and also help to stand against military aggression. Ukraine will soon become the country for incredible investments and large infrastructure projects.

Our services:

  • Transactions: legal preparation of the object, risk treatment, support, negotiations
  • Court representation at any level and completion of proceedings started before the war
  • Representative services for business: working by proxy for any business processes
  • Work with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to prepare transactions on estate and corporate rights acquisitions
  • Negotiations with the state at any level, including investment projects, new legislation and regulations
  • Issues connected with the European trade regulations
  • Legal support of investment activity
  • Working with loans, refinancing and collateral

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