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    Fedir Serdiuk
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    12, Devolanivskiy Descent, Odesa, 65026
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    +38 (093) 493-9452
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More Information

FAST ​​First​​ Aid ​​&​ Special ​​Training ​​— certified company, focused on performing first aid and fire safety training.


First ​​aid​— the activity of the bystander who supports the life of a person or prevents him/her from the further harm until the medical professionals arrival.


We can​:

- Manage the risks for the company, organization, community and family

- Create the atmosphere of safety

- Decrease the level of cost of damage management

- Perform dynamic and applicable educational events.


Our concept​is built on the belief in the following statements:

1. First aid education must be interesting by the form and relevant by the content

2. For the successful life saving the union of next factors is needed: proper skills (training), fear control, knowledge and equipment

3. People lose the skills they don't use regularly so we focus on after training support

4. The person should receive the training which depends on the risks of the person and business, his\her role and job.


Our​​ projects​ — solutions for:

- Offices, entertainment companies, HoReCa

- Development, industry, transport

- Corporate security services

- Special employees categories: babysitters, drivers, etc.


FAST ​performs its activity through the whole territory of Ukraine (occupied zones) and abroad. The clients of FAST are leading Ukrainian and International Companies and NGO`s.


Take a training — improve the safety of your team, business, community!