MedX-Ray International Group LLC (LISOD Hospital)


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    Michael Amsel
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    77, Velyka Vasylkivska St., Kyiv, 03150
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    +38 (044) 520-9405
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    +38 (044) 520-9101
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More Information

The Israeli Oncology Hospital LISOD ( was opened in March 2007 as a hospital with a full scope of oncology services including diagnostics, pathology, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and rehabilitation. Here, experienced Israeli oncologists, as well as Ukrainian doctors who have been trained abroad, work in one team.  

About 3400 patients per year receive help in the hospital. It is considered to be a leader and oncology excellence center in Ukraine which provides not only treatment and diagnostics services but educational services as well. The Hospital holds the conferences, master-classes for local doctors for many years.

The multidisciplinary strategy of treatment with the use of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunobiological and hormonal means contributes to achieving maximum results. Widespread minimally invasive and organs-preserving techniques, laparoscopic and endoscopic interventions are used to not only treat patients but also provide them with high quality of life.

Modern equipment, guaranteed quality of treatment, individual and at the same time integrated approach to each patient - all this is LISOD hospital.