Tactical Systems Ltd


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Tactical Systems Ltd. specializes on import to Ukraine of high-quality military-oriented and civilian products such as high-accuracy sniper complexes up to caliber .50BMG, ammunition and accessories to them, specialized equipment and optics, thermal imaging and night vision devices, etc for the needs of military and law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

Tactical Systems Ltd. is an official representative in Ukraine of more than 20 companies among which there are: Fiocchi, Alsetex,  B&T AG, Vectronix, ISSC, HAIX Group GmbH, Aimpoint, Steiner Optics, SigSauer Inc., Desert Tech, FN Herstal, FLIR Systems AB., Elbit Security Systems, Chiappa, MB-microtec (Traser), RUAG Ammotec, Revision, TAT3D, Carinthia, NFM Group, Salomon, Eberlestock, Inforce, Vortex, Medford, UF Pro, Elzzeta and others.

The company also is a national manufacturer of small arms with high-quality imported components. All the weapons are certified in Ukraine.