Novo Nordisk A/S


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The main task of Danish company Novo Nordisk is creation of innovative medicines for treating diabetes and hemophilia in order to improve quality and duration of people’s lives. Novo Nordisk confesses the principle of “triple bottom line”: financial responsibility before shareholders and partners, social responsibility before society as well as environmental responsibility. Novo Nordisk has always been a leader not only in production of medicines but also in creation of an educational system for improving people’s lives. In the 80-s Novo Nordisk developed a concept of care for people with diabetes, which still functions today. Special focus of this program is opening schools, at which healthcare professionals teach how to titrate insulin, distribute educational materials, which help to optimize food intakes and physical activities of patients. Novo Nordisk started operating in Ukraine in 1993 and since then has possessed a worthy leadership position among insulin producers. The representative office of Novo Nordisk has supported opening of more than 55 schools of self-control for people with diabetes in Ukraine as well as created a social web-resource, the aim of which is to disseminate knowledge about diabetes and the ways of its prevention in order to increase awareness of the society. The representative office of Novo Nordisk in Ukraine ensures availability of innovative Novo Nordisk products in our country. Novo Nordisk is history, traditions, innovations, achievements and success.