More Information

COSA is a professional services provider. We help our clients safely enter new markets; build beneficial partnerships and avoid unreliable ones; cope with compliance issues; preserve reputation; understand current conditions and be aware of the changing environment. 

We are a rapidly developing client-oriented company that adopts best international practices in the field of corporate intelligence, integrity due diligence and compliance. Cooperation with world’s leading business giants helps us shape our vision of the complex international business environment; and our profound understanding of the region of our operation lets us share this insight with our clients and provide trusted answers to specific questions.

Our system analysis methodology, international source coverage and full dedication to every project lets our clients receive the most accurate and verified information to support their strategic and shorter-term goals. 

We are proud to work with our clients, and we develop long-term trustful relationships where each party is devoted to the business we are doing and principles of teamwork, integrity, security and trust that we highly respect.  

COSA conducts its activities to the highest standards of client confidentiality, and in full compliance with the law (including FCPA and Bribery Act), ethics and corporate social responsibility.