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Thirty  years Vopli Vidoplissova band and our team establish  the Ukrainian national identity. During this time brand "Land of Dreams" became a true peoples treasure.
Since 2011 the Kraina Mriy LLC ( supervising and representing all businesses by enterprener Oleg Skrypka, Vopli Vidoplissova LTD and Kraina Mriy NGO.
Since 2004 we have implemented more then 150 entertainment projects - festivals, concerts, events, open airs and completed such projects as "Dream Land" 2004-2016 in Kyiv, Lviv, London , Surgut and Perm, "Rock'n'Sich" in 2006-2013, "Montmartre at Andriivsky» in 2013,  Kyiv's Day 2016 and many others. We accepted in Ukraine guests and artists from 30 countries, our tours covered about 100 countries, the overall audience already has reached 3 millions supporters.