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Louis Dreyfus History

In 1851, Leopold Louis-Dreyfus began buying wheat for resale in the Basel market. In the 1860's, Louis Dreyfus purchased wheat in the Danube basin and in Russia to meet the increasing demand of industrialized cities in Western Europe. His business grew throughout Europe, and by the 1870's Leopold had established his world headquarters in Paris, where they remain to this day. 

By 1905, Louis Dreyfus owned a significant commercial maritime fleet and had established a commercial bank. The Group had opened an international network of offices in Europe, North and South America, Algeria, South Africa, India, Indo-China, China, Australia and especially in Russia, where 114 offices were listed in 1906. Its first office in America was opened in 1909, and the Group expanded its presence in the United States with the outbreak of World War I in Europe. 

New opportunities in a variety of markets marked the growth of the company through the 20th century. Today, Louis Dreyfus has more than 10,000 employees engaged in diversified activities in over 53 countries. From reforestation projects to citrus processing, from building skyscrapers to laying marine telecommunications cables, Louis Dreyfus identifies possibilities and faces the challenges of the 21st century with the same clear, exact and deliberate resolve as its founder.

Worldwide business

Principal activities of the Group consist of worldwide processing, trading and merchandising of various agricultural and energy commodities. The Group is also significantly involved in the ownership and management of ocean vessels; in forestry management and particleboard manufacturing; in the development and operation of telecommunications infrastructures; and in real estate development, management and ownership. 

The Group has merchandised and traded bulk agricultural commodities in international markets since 1851. Louis Dreyfus conducts its merchandising and trading activities through various affiliates in cities around the world.

Since its foundation, 150 years ago, Louis Dreyfus has always been a world leader in agri-commodities trading.

At its headquarters in Paris, men and women of Louis Dreyfus Negoce, one of its subsidiaires, combine knowledge of these commodities with understanding of the areas they are responsible for.

This synergy of skills enables the company to control its markets and provide buyers and sellers with optimal opportunities. Louis Dreyfus Negoce operates in Europe and in Africa and as such also assists other subsidiaries of the Group when grain and oilseeds are involved to these destinations.
Louis Dreyfus Ukraine.

Louis Dreyfus Kiev was established in 1995 year. Since that time we have been developing our activity on the local market. Currently Louis Dreyfus Ukraine is one of the leading export traders in Ukraine. The activity of the office covers export import of grains and oil, sunflower seeds processing. The main products we trade with are wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seeds and sunflower oil.

In 2000 Louis Dreyfus Ukraine was the largest exporter of sunflower oil and sunflower seeds and has loaded the first Panamax vessel with sunflower seeds from Ukraine. In 2001 and 2002 the company has purchased and exported up to 1.5 mln tons of grains. During those years the office has established strong relationships with numerous local companies, crushers and millers.

Louis Dreyfus strives to increase its activity in trading from year to year involving new products and markets and trading partners. The company is working under the development of its trading network in the country and deeper involvement in the domestic market of the country.