Noosphere Ventures USA inc


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Noosphere is an international asset management firm, with the strategic vision and capital to transform high-potential companies into definitive market leaders.

Noosphere partners with entrepreneurs, innovators and executives and provides them with a powerful combination of capital, hands-on management and innovation expertise to help propel their endeavors to the next level and provide a practical path toward long-term success.

Noosphere’s portfolio has access to investors who have operated successful businesses and have been CEOs themselves, people who understand the intense challenges that leadership teams face every day.

Noosphere truly understands how to build globally competitive companies. Our current management team includes well-known entrepreneur Max Polyakov, founder of multiple success stories including Cupid plc., Maxymiser, and Hitswise (sold to Experian).

Noosphere’s leadership team is expert in identifying new markets in which to drive growth through innovative new products; guiding companies to becoming best-in-class performers by creating more value for customers; and identifying strong leadership teams and working with them closely to create value.Noosphere’s ROI focused approach differentiates it from its competitors.

Founded in 2012, Noosphere has established a global community. The Noosphere portfolio reports over $500 million in revenue and, collectively, has more than 2,000 individuals contributing to the common success. With offices in USA, UK, Ukraine, Singapore and Spain, Noosphere has a vast international customer and channel network that its companies can leverage to access global customer networks and intelligence.