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    Iryna Shaparovska
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    91, Saksahanskoho St., Kyiv, 01032
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    +38 (044) 289-6925
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    +38 (044) 289-6925
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More Information

TRIADA is a private company set up 18 years ago. We have been providing high-speed high-quality translation services since 1995.

Our team consists of skilled professionals who are always ready to deliver high quality translations by the time you need it. Each member is equipped with appropriate software and hardware, and uses modern technologies. To perform peer reviews and provide quality assurance, at least two members are assigned to each submission. We have the most competitive price policy for any translation field.

Our interpreters served as simultaneous translators at conferences and other functions attended by the US and other foreign dignitaries, as well as high-level officials of Ukraine's legislative and executive government, successfully tackled similar assignments for international donor agencies and organizations, as well as corporate clients operating in Ukraine.

Our professional equipment for simultaneous translation allows us to provide simultaneous translation for the audience up to 600 people.

Our major clients include:

Our major clients include: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, ACC, US Embassy, US Department of Energy, Exxon Mobile (USA), Chevron, Ministry of Energy and Coal of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Citibank (Ukraine), Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Victor Pinchuk Foundation, PinchukArtCenter, MIM-Kyiv, MTI, APK-Inform, CRDF, UCIPR, Edinburgh Business School, PWHC.

Services provided by TRIADA:

  • Simultaneous, consecutive and written translation/interpretation
  • Interpreters for business negotiations, seminars, conferences
  • Equipment for simultaneous translation
  • Tape transcription
  • Contacts and arranging of business meetings, conferences
  • Guide-translator.  

ACC Members are offered a discount (10%).