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American Medical Centers is a regional health services provider that owns and manages concierge outpatient care facilities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Through its American Medical Centers network, AMC Employs more than 225 professionals and medical healthcare Associates, providing direct patient care, emergency assistance, and access to all medical specialties, from Cardiology to Neurosurgery. American Medical Centers enjoys affiliations with leading hospitals around the World, Including Yale-New Haven Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital, where AMC is designated as an affiliate hospital. All American Medical Centers and partner facilities are recognized by the worlds leading healthcare institutions and are fully licensed hospitals and clinics. American Medical Centers is dedicated to providing the highest standard of healthcare available using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from the United States and European Union. We are committed to providing evidence-based and functional medicine, practiced by the best-trained clinicians available, in a convenient and comfortable facility.



  • 7% discount on all services.




  • 5% discount on all services.

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Polina Cherniakova, Project Manager

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