3M Ukraine


  • Director:
    Olga Tkachenko
  • Address:
    12, Mykoly Amosova St., Kyiv, 03038
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone:
    +38 (044) 490-5777
  • City:
  • Fax:
    +38 (044) 490-5775
  • Website:

More Information

3M is a $31.821 billion diversified technology international corporation which employs more than 90000 professionals.

3M ia a global science company. We use science to improve lives and solve problems.  R&D is the heartbeat of 3M. We invest about 1.7B per year, 8500 scientists work in our 36 laboratories all over the world. In 2014 3M acquired its 100000 patent. And we love applying our science to creating products that, in big ways and small, make things better in some way. Helping people to be safe. Making them more productive. ProtectingF their health. Safeguarding the environment. And we have an insatiable appetite for meeting the world's ever-changing challenges to improve lives and doing business in the right way all over the world.