Imerys Ceramics


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Present in 23 countries with 50 production sites and 1,300 employees worldwide, Imerys Ceramics is a leader in mineral solutions for ceramic manufacturers.

Part of the Imerys group renowned as the world leader in industrial minerals, Imerys Ceramics supplies high quality minerals, prepared bodies, glazes and engobes.

Imerys Ceramics has in-depth knowledge of the specific properties of each mineral in the various grades providing added-value for its customers' applications:

  • Tradtional ceramics: tableware, tiles and sanitaryware
  • Engineering ceramics: catalyst supports, electrical porcelain insulators and technical ceramics
  • Glass: flat & container glass and insulation wool
  • Reinforcement fiberglass
  • Building and construction industries: cement, decorative quartz and engobes for roof tiles
  • Electrometallurgy
  • Other markets: solar applications, electronics and energy supply

Our dedicated R&D and production teams maximise the properties of our industrial minerals: ball clay, chamotte, feldspar, halloysite, kaolin, mica, pegmatite, quartz and talc. We provide our customers with a competitive edge.