Ericsson Ukraine


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Ericsson's connection with Ukraine has deep historical roots accounting more than 120 years of cooperation. It started back it 1893 when the company, the founder of which was Lars Magnus Ericsson, installed first telephone exchange in Kiev. In 1896 the phone exchange was also installed in city of Kharkov.

In order to work closer with the customers, Ericsson's office in Kiev was opened in June 1995. Ericsson's position in Ukraine was further strengthened with foundation of Subsidiary enterprise with 100% foreign investments «Ericsson». Approx. 170 specialists work in Ukrainian capital and country's regions.

Ukraine's leading mobile operators are among Ericsson's customers. Ericsson offers solution for all 2/3/4G mobile standards.

Approx. 50% of all mobile calls in Ukraine are connected via Ericsson equipment.

Ericsson pays much attention to its activities on the Ukrainian market. With help of highly qualified personnel consisting of local and foreign specialists, Ericsson offers top class services and solutions, thus assisting the development of vast possibilities on telecom market of Ukraine.