Helios Strategia


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Helios Strategia is an international solar EPC company. We implement projects of solar power plants all over the world since 2008. Our team consist of more than 200 people who are located in 7 offices in different countries. We have successfully implemented 199.45 MW of solar projects and we are looking forward to the future challenges. 
Our company knows how to adapt to any environment, constructing in the most remote places in the world, even under the severe conditions of the Arctic Circle or the heat of the African sun. Renewable Energy Support is an uncompromising fighting against the merciless expansion of natural resources; against the belief that energy supply is an instrument of the control of humanity. For the first time in the history of mankind, the energy complex is not just a business. It is an appeal to the deepest aspirations of each of us: to be independent, confident, safe for oneself and others. 
The future of clean energy starts with us. We create possibilities for the progress and evolution. And we want to share our vision with you.