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More Information

Eli Lilly Company, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, is a customer-oriented corporation which activities are dedicated to creating health care solutions. At present Eli Lilly Company has more then 40,000 employees in nearly 130 countries. Through our research programs we're seeking answers for some of the world's most urgent medical needs. The Company acts for the purpose of helping people to live longer, fuller lives, as well as to provide the global health care community with the up-to-date medicines. 

Eli Lilly Company believes that it is critical for patients to have access to our medicines that save and improve lives. Ensuring access to medicines requires that many organizations work together, including government, insurers, health care providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Lilly will continue to lead and support efforts to improve access to our medicines. 
The main mission of Eli Lilly Company is finding answers for some of the world's most urgent medical needs. We focus our internal research efforts primarily on four core therapeutic areas: psychiatry; endocrine disorders; cancer; and cardiovascular diseases. We also continue to pursue innovative science and new opportunities beyond our targeted disease categories. We embrace a philosophy of "research innovation without walls," meaning that we pursue cutting-edge science and technology from external, as well as internal, sources. 

In Ukraine Lilly has been introduced in 1993. Over more then 10 years our company is moving by course of integration with the Ukrainian Healthcare system. The main activity of Representative office in Ukraine is an instructive work with physicians providing them with information of highly effective medications and modern methods of treatment of diabetes, oncology and psychiatric diseases. Since 1993 Eli Lilly has been caring out a great humanitarian work.

Lilly has become an emerging force in cancer research by focusing on the discovery and development of new anticancer agents with unique modes of action designed to address a variety of tumors. These include breast, lung, pancreatic, bladder and ovarian cancers. 

Lilly is a leader in diabetes mellitus research, dating back to our authorship in developing the world's first commercially available insulin product, in 1923, and proceeding with our role in DNA recombinant analogue production nowadays. We continue to pursue a number of diabetes-related targets, including treatment of some diabetic complications. Lilly also is keeping leading position in growth deficiency treatment of children and adults. 

Lilly has introduced several innovative products for treatment of mental disorders: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

In Lilly's portfolio there is also one of the most successful drug for erectile dysfunction treatment with the long-term duration of efficacy.