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    Eugene Seredynin
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    4, Anatoliya Petritskoho St., Kyiv, 03115
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    +38 (044) 502-4121
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    +38 (044) 502-4121
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More Information

"ECOMM Co." is:

- an official distributor of Esri - Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, USA) - the world leader on the GIS market. Esri provides GIS software and related services to clients worldwide;

- an official distributor of European Space Agency (ESA) - Quickbird multi-mission satellite data provider with color imagery up to 40cm resolution;

The main branch of the company's activities is implementation of GIS technology, licensed GIS software distribution within the territory of Ukraine. The company also provides education, technical and methodological support for its clients. Professional staff of the company consists of specialists certificated by Esri. They come from fields such as surveying and mapping, engineering, earth sciences, computer sciences, cartography, image processing, remote sensing, geography and geology. 

ECOMM's experts provide software installation and technical support; inform users about new products and versions, mail information and promotion materials, hold technical seminars and workshops. In the show-rooms of ECOMM Co you can become acquainted with ESRI software, test and evaluate its features.


  • 5% discount on all software products


  • 5% discount on all software products

For more details contact:
Eugene Seredynin , President
Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 502-4121
4 Anatoly Petritsky Street
Kyiv 03115, Ukraine