Member Companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine joined the global movement of sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine represent the system of mutually agreed management measures – economic, social and environmental – aimed at building public relations on the basis of trust, solidarity, equality, and environmental security. Responsible business community plays a key role in promoting sustainable development in Ukraine.

On April 16, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (the Chamber) together with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine held a panel discussion "Business Leaders Stand with Sustainable Development".

The event was a part of the global campaign “Making Global Goals Local Business” conducted by the UN Global Compact Network. This project was aimed at engaging the business community to promote the program 2030. Summits where companies’ leaders gathered and discussed sustainable development strategies were held in more than 100 countries around the globe, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine was delighted to join the global movement.

During the event, participants discussed three main areas of how the business community can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, namely through: environmental dimension – rational production models and responsible attitude towards natural resources for sustainable development, partnership dimension – partnership between business and community to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, and gender dimension – global and local business initiatives to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine brings together the biggest investors and largest multinationals operating in Ukraine which contribute greatly to the state budget and create opportunities for people in Ukraine, helping to realize their potential. The Chamber has been promoting the principles of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine for many years. Among the priority areas of the Chamber operations are: the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of the principle of extended producer responsibility, work on the improvement of anti-corruption legislation, the development of business-networking platform that brings together successful, goal-oriented, and visionary women leaders – Women's Executives Leadership Development Initiative (WELDI), etc. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is also proud of successful projects of our Member Companies, including Carlsberg, Nestle, Unilever, Danone, METRO Cash & Carry, Coca-Cola Ukraine Ltd, Coca-Cola HBC, Tetra Pak.

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Through their operations and examples, the Chamber strives to inspire other businesses to become socially responsible and work for the benefit of Ukraine.

"Doing well while doing good – this is the trend that becomes more and more popular around the world every day. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine represents responsible business that masterfully solves the challenges of sustainable development, using advanced approaches and innovations. As the business association, we are ready to support our Members on the path to sustainable development for its promotion and further successful implementation", commented Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Tetyana Prokopchuk.

“Summits, where companies’ leaders meet and discuss sustainable development strategies, are held in more than 100 countries around the world. We are delighted to join the global movement for the first time and show the attitude of Ukraine’s business leaders towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Modern business should work in the ecosystem “business-people-ecology”, at least in order to ensure that our world does not turn into a fantasy film of the 90s with a sad end of this century", noted Tetyana Saharuk, Chairman of the Board of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine.