Antimonopoly Working Group Meeting on Methodology for Defining Dominant Position


On October 25, the Chamber held its Antimonopoly Working Group meeting, devoted to the issues that arise in relation to the Methodology for Defining Monopoly (Dominant) Position of Business Entity on the Market.

Serhiy Sapegin, Director of Psychea Research Center presented an information exchange system, which allows monitoring market parameters in real time.

During the discussion a number of issues were raised:

- Current methodology was developed quite a long time ago and does not correspond to current market parameters;

- In many cases, Methodology is applied without enough preliminary economic analysis;

- Some of the criteria for defining geographical borders of the market are not specific and can be interpreted differently.

In order to better understand the issues that arise during the application of this Methodology, it was decided to hold a short Survey on this matter for further development of concept of amended methodology.