Meeting with Viktor Shafransky, Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine


On June 23, Steering Committee of the Chamber Healthcare Committee met with Viktor Shafransky, Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Chamber President Andy Hunder opened the discussion by stressing on importance of the dialog and cooperation between business and the Ministry. Mr. Shafransky highlighted the program and shared plans of the Ministry of Health for 2016 which focus, inter alia, on simplification of access to medicinal products. As Draft Law of Ukraine #4484 “On Simplification of Registration of Medicinal Products” has been adopted successfully, the Ministry works hard to bring the Resolutions of Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Health in line with new Law and to launch new procedure of registration as soon as possible.

Acting Minister highlighted also the Ministries’ work on reference prices on medicinal products and their willingness to produce a document that will satisfy both Government as well as domestic and international business. Mr. Shafransky outlined that Government works on new national list of essential medicinal products that is planned to be ready by January 1, 2017 as a result of National Expert Council’s work.   

Ministry works also on import substitution concept, development of the cost of medicinal service, health technology assessment, and, among others, will concentrate its efforts to overcome cardiology diseases as one of the most widespread ones in Ukraine. Mr. Shafransky also stressed that Ministry plans to establish an effective system of control of distribution of medicinal products at the state hospitals. Participants of the meeting discussed also the insulin reimbursement issue, and the Acting Minister stressed that nearest plan to launch this project is for January 1, 2017. Additionally, he highlighted openness of the Ministry to work out intellectual property rights issues in healthcare and declared his openness to work together with other authorities and business community.