Healthcare Committee Meeting


On June 30, Chamber Healthcare Committee held its regular meeting moderated by Committee Co-Chairs: Vitaliy Gordienko, AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals GmbH and Borys Danevych, Marchenko Danevych.


Vitaliy Gordienko briefed the participants on the Concept of reformation of healthcare system presented by Kyiv State Administration and highlighted that industry should be engaged in working process and advocate necessary changes in healthcare system of Kyiv city. Maxim Proskurov, Chamber Policy Officer (Healthcare Issues) shared with Committee Members the details of preparatory meeting with the leadership of Kyiv City State Administration and that authorities are interested to cooperate with business and encourage to start local pilot projects that could be transformed to a national level. The Committee agreed that specific points of the Concept still need to be clarified and discussed directly with the stakeholder.

Also, following numerous requests of the Committee Members, the Working Group on Healthcare Hardware & Medical Devices Manufacturers was established. Healthcare hardware products and medical devices are a huge market share in Ukraine that struggles every day in the one of the most complicated markets in the Europe. We are launching this direction to cover the most essential needs of the industry to be the most effective as possible and bring the Chamber’s voice to the first lines.