WELDI Business Breakfast "She Rocks: Celebrating Women at the Top of Business and Arts"


In the last years, we have seen more women coming into leadership positions worldwide. Still, they continue to be underrepresented: 95% of the Fortune 500 CEOs belong to men.

Our guest speakers Nicolo Pome, General Manager Ukraine & CIS of GSK and Björn Geldhof, Artistic Director of Pinchuk Art Center, shared their vision on the role of women in business and art industry, on why gender parity in the workplace matters, how it can contribute to better performance and success.

Guests had an opportunity to join us on this pre-Christmas WELDI Session to participate in a productive discussion, enjoy a delicious breakfast while making new connections for a prosperous 2020.


Nicolo Pome

General Manager UА & KZ



Björn Geldhof

Artistic Director




Tetyna Prokopchuk

Vice President

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine






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