Workshop "Travel & Health Safety 2020: Knowledge for Taking Decisions"


The event was organized jointly with the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Ukraine.


  • Pandemics: The good, the bad, and the ugly (what do you need to know before and when you travel):
    • What do you need to do and to consider before you travel (Preparation)
    • How to stay safe(r) when traveling in affected areas (Prevention)
    • What to expect and what you should do if you get caught up in an outbreak (Response)
  • Understanding the response process used by medical assistance providers:
    • How should the traditional assistance industry evolve to meet changing travel patterns and risks?
    • Travel health risk management – issues around risk ownership with multiple stakeholders
  • Supporting travelers in crisis situations – corporate case study (virtual)
  • Combatants recovery from PTSD and their civilian reintegration
  • Biohacking as a health management system for new generation of leaders



  • Olena Lukashevych, Director, Kyiv City Public Health Center
  • Dr. Irina Kuzina, Deputy Medical Director, International SOS
  • Lidia Kasyanchuk, Trainer on traumatic stress in the military
  • Svyatoslav Khanenko, Founder and Head of the first biohacking clinic SQLAB