Customs Hub Workshop "What is Drop Shipment? Risks, Benefits and Lifehacks"


The event was organized jointly with member company CPTL Group.



During the workshop we discussed:

  • Drop shipment – what is it and where does it start?
  • Sales without goods, delivery without logistics? Difficulties and benefits
  • The Myths and Truths of Dropshipping: Should It Be Trusted?
  • Interesting expert practice cases
  • Drop shipment and customs clearance. Timing, KPIs, problems
  • How to set up safe processes for smooth operation of Drop shipment?
  • Case studies in practice





Vita Miroshnychenko, Head of the company Capital Group (customs brokerage and consulting services in the field of foreign economic activity);
Andrey Myagkov, Commercial Director, GEFCO Ukraine. He has more than 19 years of experience in the field of transport and logistics and has a deep knowledge of international transport, strategic planning, supply chain management.

Customs Hub is a series of workshops that bring together experts in the sphere for an open dialogue and discussion of major trends and best practices in customs sphere, recent changes in customs procedures. Join us to learn the best practices in order to avoid financial and reputational losses when conducting foreign economic activity.

Wednesday, December 11 – "Effective Construction of Business Processes for Successful Customs Clearance".


The event was organized jointly with: