WELDI Business Breakfast "Secrets of Longevity: Genetics vs Lifestyle"


The mankind has always strived to understand the nature of longevity and eternal youth. Medieval alchemists spent hours searching for the philosopher's stone, while doctors mixed different herbs and drugs in the hope of obtaining the desired elixir of youth. Although, modern health&beauty industry offers us a lot of options to slow down the ageing, it is difficult to identify what is really effective and what is not. Our speaker Oleksandr Koliada, geneticist, told us not only about the ageing process from the scientific point of view but also told how to lead a long life and preserve the youth and beauty for many years.

Participants had an opportunity to learn about the role of genes in ageing processes, physiological age markers, MIND-diet and whether detox and anti-age programs matter.

Our speaker:

Oleksandr Koliada, geneticist, gerontologist.

Mr. Koliada is the co-founder and scientific director of the genetic laboratory DIAGEN. He is among the top 30 successful young scientists of Ukraine. He specializes in human genetics, aging markers, molecular biology and epigenetics.




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