Knowledge Seminar "Compliance Insights for Business: How to Manage Reputation Risks"


The event was organized in conjunction with Business Ombudsman Council.

For many in the C-suite, compliance is something they know is important but don't deeply understand. However, compliance is essential to your business's success and reputation. Having investigated 5500+ complaints, the Business Ombudsman Council is convinced that compliance could be a strong protection from negative consequences of dealing with government agencies. The BOC shared its experience while the business representatives, UNIC speakers contributed with their insights from daily life.

During the seminar we discussed:

  • Implanting compliance through BOC ad-hoc investigations and systemic recommendations
  • Why does your reputation matter? Does your counterparty's reputation mitigate risks?
  • Lessons learned from BOC cases
  • Red flags that could indicate non-compliance
  • How to effectively manage compliance risks?
  • How to keep your compliance level or united we stand, divided we fall?



Tetiana Kheruvimova, investigator, Business Ombudsman Council

At the BOC, Tetiana performed more than 300 investigations and contributed to several systemic reports of the Council. Apart from that, Tetiana strongly supported set-up and development of Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC). Before joining the Council, Tetiana had worked at KPMG Law Ukraine as a Head of Corporate Compliance Practice.


Gaiane Karakashian, Head of UNIC Secretariat

Gaiane is a qualified leader in Business Management. Gaiane is experienced in development and control over implementation of compliance policies and procedures, collaboration with financial support projects, restructuring of companies' departments and cost budget optimization. Before joining UNIC, Gaiane had worked in global and local companies in the sectors of IT, passenger air transportation, and media, as well as coordinated projects of the UEFA, European and International Olympic Committees.


Oleg Lagodiyenko, co-founder, Ethicontrol

Ethicontrol is a software vendor for speak up & whistleblowing, incident & case management, security and compliance processes automation (conflict of interest, KYC, third-party checks, etc.). Earlier Oleg worked at SCM, PwC, and KPMG. Oleg helps clients improve business culture and ethics, corporate security, implement compliance programs, and combat fraud.



The event was organized jointly with: