Waste Management 2019


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    9:00 AM
  • Location
    ACCO International Center (40-B Peremohy Avenue)
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International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste collection and recycling Waste Management 2019 will be conducted on 8-9 October in Kyiv, Ukraine, ACCO International EC.

Organizer: Business-Forum company

The international forum is aimed to become a platform for attracting the investments and advanced technologies into the industry.

More than 1,000 industry professionals from 34 countries took part in the event of 2018




Panel discussion. National Waste Management Plan. First results

The discussion will be attended by representatives of profile ministries, state supervision (control) departments, regional state administrations and industrial holdings

Session 1. Modern equipment and machinery for separate collection and handling of waste

Session 2. Waste sorting and recycling

Session 3. Waste disposal: MSW landfills, biogas, incineration, Waste-to-Energy

Conference Industrial waste recycling
Conference topics:

  • problems of industrial waste recycling
  • financial mechanism of state support of environmental projects of enterprises
  • necessary legislative reforms in the field of industrial waste handling
  • mechanism of state and public control of environmental activities in the field of industrial waste management
  • modern technologies and equipment for industrial waste treatment

Session-discussion 1. Mining & metallurgical and fuel & energy sectors

Session 2. Development prospects of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal market
Supported by: Ukrainian Scrap Metal and Resources Association, Ukrainian Association of Secondary Metals "UAVtormet"

Session 3. Agricultural, food industry and animal waste management

Session 4. Construction and cement industries

WORKSHOP "How to establish an effective MSW treatment system in your community and coordinate it with regional waste management plans"
Organizer: Representation of ISWA Young Professionals Group in Ukraine

Invited for participation: Representatives of united territorial communities, municipal authorities, regional state administrations



Session 4. Waste management: international experience, current state of market segments and prospects for their development in Ukraine

Session 5. Investment needs and financing of waste management projects in Ukrainian regions

Conference "Recycling of secondary raw materials"

Conference topics:

  • Ukrainian secondary waste recycling markets - opportunities and reality
  • Prospects for the use of recycled materials in subsequent production
  • Modern technologies and equipment for secondary raw materials’ recycling

Session 1. Polymers

Session 2. Waste paper

Session 3.  Cullet

Supported by: “Utilita” Company

Session 4.  Tires and rubber goods


Conference "Collection and disposal of hazardous waste"

Treatment of hazardous waste and WEEE, medical waste, radioactive waste

NEW IN 2019!

Seminar "Introduction of new waste management technologies in Dnipropetrovsk region"

Seminar "Environmental activities of Kyiv region. Projects, resources, results"

Test Drive & demonstration of waste management machinery and equipment

Invited for participation:

  • international and domestic suppliers of equipment, machinery and integrated waste management solutions
  • MSW market operators, management and municipal utilities for waste collection, transportation, sorting, storage and disposal
  • landfill operators
  • industrial enterprises: Mining & metallurgical and fuel & energy sectors, ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal market enterprises, hazardous waste producers, medical institutions and hospitals, сonstruction and cement industry, transport, ports, Ukrzaliznytsia - Ukrainian railways, agriculture, animal husbandry, food industry
  • secondary raw materials' recyclers: polymers, glass, waste paper, tires
  • retail and shopping networks, consumer packaged goods manufacturers
  • construction, design, engineering, consulting companies, law firms
  • ministries, committees of the Verkhovna Rada, state supervision (control) bodies
  • state and municipal authorities, territorial communities, societies of co-owners of apartment buildings (OSBB)
  • banks, investment companies, financial institutions
  • diplomatic missions
  • scientific and educational institutions, public organizations

Detailed information is available on the website wm-expo.com

If you have any questions, please contact organizers via email events@wm-expo.com or phone +38 056 794 33 94