PHARMA ACCESS TALKS: Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs) and Negotiation Procedures


Event has been organized jointly with jointly with Member Company Danevych.Law and the Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

The event was held in a format of open discussion.

This Session was devoted to the following topics:

  • Experience of Eastern European and Baltic States:
    • Reasons of MEAs introduction
    • The prevalent format of MEAs
    • Confidentiality of prices and what exactly is confidential
    • Who negotiates confidential prices
    • What anti-corruption measures are taken to counterbalance this confidentiality
    • Is there an opposite trend/public demand towards more transparency of prices in the future?


  • Cooperation between of states in negotiating prices vis-à-vis pharmaceutical companies:
    • Baltic partnership agreement
    • Central Eastern European and Southern Eastern European Countries Initiative
    • BENELUXA Initiative on Pharmaceutical Policy


  • Ukrainian state of play: 
    • Current legislative framework
    • Factors hindering MEAs implementation
    • Alternatives to MEAs that have been used in Ukraine so far


  • Perspectives for Ukraine and the ways stakeholders may contribute to MEAs integration into Ukraine’s legal framework



  • Neringa Bernotiene, Deputy Director, National Health Insurance Fund, Lithuania
  • Kärt Veliste, Chief Specialist, Department of Medicines and Medical Devices, Estonian Health Insurance Fund
  • Mark Peter Molnar​, MD, Ph.D, Research Leader, Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Management, Partner, Ideas & Solutions, Budapest, Hungary


Moderator:  Borys Danevych, Chamber Healthcare Committee Co-Chair, Partner, Attorney-at-law, Danevych.Law.