Lecture by Iskander Diyashev "Estimation of Oil & Gas Reserves. Rules of the Petroleum Resources Management System"


The event was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine jointly with Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine.

The lecture was devoted to discussion of the updated Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) developed for consistent and reliable definition, classification, and estimation of hydrocarbon resources. Inter alia, the following issues were presented during the lecture:

  • Basic principles and definitions envisaged in PRMS
  • Resources Classification Framework
  • Differentiation of resources (contingent, prospective)
  • Project based resources evaluation
  • Definitions and features of reserves (discovered, recoverable, commercial, remaining)
  • Reserves status (proved, probable, possible)
  • Determination and basic requirements of commerciality as reserves’ feature
  • Special features of unconventional resources


Please find a presentation delivered by Iskander Diyashev during the lecture.

About the speaker:

Iskander Diyashev is instructor at PetroSkills (U.S.), a training organization for 30 member companies in oil & gas industry (including Chevron, Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco and others) representing more than 40% of the world’s oil production. Iskander Diyashev had taught numerous classes in fundamentals of petroleum, reservoir, and production engineering. Prior to his current job with Petroskills, Dr. Diyashev worked in various engineering and leadership roles for S.A. Holditch and Associates, Schlumberger, Sibneft, Geo-Alliance and NRK-Technology. He served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International board of directors in 2006-2008, and participated in various SPE technical and organizing committees for SPE conferences. Iskander Diyashev holds Ph.D degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University (1998) and BS and MS degrees in Physics (Molecular and Chemical Physics) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  

We would like to thank Iskander Diyashev for sharing his outstanding expertise in oil & gas field with the Chamber Members.