Workshop “Escrow Mechanism: First Results and Further Perspectives in Ukraine”


The Workshop was devoted to the review of the first already completed procedures for redemption of minority shareholder shares as well as to the discussion of prospects of banking products and legal instruments that use escrow accounts in Ukraine (financial transactions, large mergers and acquisitions).

The agenda of the Workshop included two discussion panels:

  • Learning from experience: First results of using escrow accounts in Ukraine
    Moderator: Yuriy Nechayev, Partner, Corporate Practice, AVELLUM
    Main speakers: Representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, National Securities and Stock Market Commission, Raiffeisen Bank Aval 
  • The future of escrow in Ukraine: Are escrow accounts limited only to the squeeze-out procedure, and the escrow mechanism itself – to accounts only?
    Moderator: Maria Tsabal, Counsel, Finance Practice, AVELLUM
    Main speakers: Representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, International Finance Corporation, Concorde Capital and Citibank Ukraine


The Workshop has been organized jointly with :