PHARMA TALKS: First Lecture “Pharma Compliance Talks”


Event was organized jointly with Member Company Danevych.Law and the Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Agenda was the following:

  • The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and the Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD) disclosures, electronic declarations, open data as sources of information about the interaction with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations
  • Current compliance-related criminal investigations targeting pharma sector: brief overview
  • Vested interests and potential abuse of power by healthcare professionals: how to avoid?
  • What is the “compliance risk assessment criteria in pharmaceutical sphere”
  • The need in a new approach to:
    • Interaction with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations
    • Education/scientific events
    • Events' sponsorship



  • Borys Danevych, Chamber Healthcare Committee Co-Chair, Partner, Attorney-at-law, Danevych.Law 
  • Alexandr Kozyrev, Chamber IPR Committee Co-Chair, Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer, Bayer 
  • Maryna Romas, Compliance Officer, Sanofi



Maryna Buchma, Chamber Healthcare Committee Co-Chair, Director Government Affairs, Teva


The event was held in a format of open discussion.