Policy Win: eHealth System was Transferred to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

On February 5, eHealth system was transferred to the Ministry of Health. In the future, the Ministry of Health and the newly established eHealth state-owned enterprise will proceed with the eHealth development and implementation.

The eHealth system has been running in a test mode since September 2017 when it became technically possible to register a healthcare facility, a doctor, and a patient declaration’s details in the system. After the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On State Financial Guarantees of Health Care Provision to the Population" and the establishment of the National Health Service, the state will pay a doctor for each patient, while a patient will receive free health services guaranteed by the state. This is how eHealth will help to implement the "money follows the patient" principle. In addition, the eHealth central component includes settings to support the "Available Medicines" program (in particular, an option to use e-prescriptions).

Chamber Members welcome the successful completion of the eHealth Project Office work on developing its minimum viable product. A lot of Chamber Member were the co-signatories of the memorandum and took active role in the eHealth system development. We hope the newly established eHealth state-owned enterprise will continue the successful work of the Project Office.