Policy Win: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Postponed National Essential Medicines List to January 1, 2018

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published its Resolution #718 "On Some Issues of Procurement of Medicinal Products" dated September 27, 2017 that foresees that the requirement for procurement to meet the 100% need in medicinal products from National Essential Medicines List will come into force on January 1, 2018.

It also provides an opportunity to prescribe free and preferential recipes to patients without referring to the National Essential Medicines List and a possibility for healthcare facilities to procure medicinal products, registered in Ukraine and included into the National Register of Medicinal Products, for the cost of the state budget.

Chamber Healthcare Committee experts in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, patient organizations and medical community continuously worked on reaching the balance in establishment of new procurement rules that will provide more access to basic medicines in Ukraine.