Policy Progress: Ministry of Health Made a Step to Effective Implementation of Simplified Procedure of Medicinal Products’ Registration

On July 24, Ministry of Health of Ukraine published Draft (MoH) Order "On Amendments to MoH Order #1245 dated November 17, 2016" for public discussion. This Draft Order foresees amendments to the Simplified Procedure of Medicinal Products' Registration contributing to its effective functioning. Also, medicinal products' manufacturers would have a possibility to register new medicines within shorter timeframe.

Chamber Healthcare Committee always strived for development as well as effective introduction of simplified procedure of medicinal products' registration in order to provide an opportunity for business representatives to enjoy all its benefits and raised the importance of this issue during numerous meetings with responsible state officials. We would like to thank all Chamber Members involved in drafting process as well as representatives of the State Expert Center for constructive dialogue and balanced decision. In particular, we are grateful to Lana Sinichkina and Yevgeniya Ocheretko, Arzinger, as well as Maryna Buchma and Olena Kukharska, Teva, for the active work on improvement of the regulatory framework of registration of medicinal products.