Policy Win: The Government Approved Action Plan of the Customs Service Reform with the Chamber Proposals on Customs Procedures Improvement

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Plan of Measures for Implementation of Conceptual Directions of Reforming the System of Bodies that Implement the State Tax & Customs Policy (Action Plan). Action Plan included the Chamber proposals and priorities for the improvement of customs policy, which are also set forth in the Chamber Publication "Guidelines for Customs Policy in Ukraine".

In particular, the Action Plan stipulates the ensuring functioning of the centers of competence, implementation of the Authorized Economic Operator concept, automatic release of goods under customs declarations into the appropriate customs regime, unification of customs duties, introduction of controls over the movement of goods inside the country, introduction of the risk management as a part of the post-clearance audit, and introduction of permits to the central executive authorities solely through the "Single Window" and their use during the customs control and customs clearance.

The Chamber welcomes consideration and inclusion of these proposals as well as their approval and is looking forward to the Action Plan’s proper implementation, which will significantly speed up the release of goods and simplify control during customs clearance.

We would like to thank Anton Melnyk, Head of the Chamber Working Group on Non-Tariff Regulation, EY, Igor Dankov, Co-Chair of the Chamber Customs Committee, EY, and all Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine who were actively involved in this advocacy process for their contribution.

The Chamber Member Companies’ Experts will continue their work on improvement of customs procedures.