Policy Win: The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Adopted the Procedure for Determining the Procurement Subject for Medical Devices

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the adoption of Order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry) #790 amending the Ministry’s Order #454 and approving the procedure for determining the procurement subject for medical devices.

In May 2019, the national classifier of medical devices NKMD 024:2019 "Classifier of Medical Devices" was published and was aimed at unifying the classification of purchases of devices and clear identification of materials, instruments, implants and medical equipment. It is harmonized in accordance with the international nomenclature of medical devices GMDN.

Henceforth, in accordance with the Ministry's Order, the subject of procurement of medical devices is determined according to this classifier.

It allows doctors and procurement officers to find out the exact characteristics, properties and functions of each device, and as a result, to optimize the procurement of medical devices by healthcare facilities.

Chamber Members repeatedly raised the issue of developing and implementing the classifier for medical devices to the public procurement system and, thus, welcome such important step.