Policy Progress: The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Approved New Import Requirements for Food of Animal Origin

Business community welcomes approval and registration of Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food #553 (hereinafter – the Order) which establishes requirements to import of animals, food of animal origin, feeds as well as by-products of animal origin. The Order is aimed at systemic revision and update of current regulation in the sphere according to EU standards. It will replace outdated and burdensome for business Order #71 by entering into force six months after its official publication.

Among novelties introduced by the Order are:

  • Cancellation of requirement that origin of raw materials for food production is the territory of the exporting country (import from 3rd countries issue);
  • Diversification of food products that could be imported by setting clear procedures and filling gaps in regulation for composite food.

The abovementioned not only facilitates overcoming barriers to trade but also significantly simplifies import procedures.  

As the Chamber Food & Beverage Committee continuously highlighted the necessity to update the outdated Order #71 in communication with responsible authorities and Committee’s experts contributed to commenting the new Order, we support this one more important step towards harmonization of current regulation with EU food regulations.